iGaming Marketing Specialist

David advises companies in the gambling industry on how to market themselves ethically and responsibly. He helps them to grow and win new clients while adhering to licensing terms and ever increasing regulation.

In the event that a company has received a search engine penalty, David analyses their website and works quickly to reverse the penalty and recover the traffic.

iGaming Marketing and Complying with Regulation

The gambling industry is subject to tighter regulation than most industries. With governing bodies such as the Gambling Supervision Commission, the Malta Gaming Authority and in particular, highly regulated markets such as the UK, the UK Gambling Commission, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) and the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), all acting to enforce responsible advertising and playing standards, it is increasingly difficult for gambling related companies to succeed.

Furthermore, major search engines such as Google and Bing place particular emphasis on monitoring websites associated with gambling. 

Competing on paid search adverts often requires certification from Google and the cost of advertising is expensive. Achieving a high ranking organic position on search engines is difficult.

David offers confidential consultations to gaming operators, iGaming platform providers, payment service providers (PSPs), affiliate networks and affiliates to create highly effective marketing strategies.

Recovering from Google and Bing Website Penalties

David assists iGaming companies to recover from search engine penalties. There are numerous penalties that can be applied to gambling related websites.

Algorithmic penalties such as Panda and Penguin are now applied in real-time. As a consequence, websites that do not adhere to the relevant webmaster guidelines can be penalised on a day-to-day basis.

The manual penalty is the harshest and on occasions has resulted in companies being put into administration or being dissolved. On receiving a manual penalty, (officially known as a “manual action”) all organic website traffic often disappears overnight. For companies operating in the gambling sector the loss of visitor traffic can be catastrophic.

Gambling Google Manual Penalty/Action Recovery Example

David personally works with companies who have been affected to identify the nature of the penalty and devises a plan for rapid recovery. This ensures that any loss of business is kept to a minimum.

In the case that a manual action has been applied, he will ensure the correct process has been followed and he will complete the official reconsideration request paperwork to have the penalty reversed.

Google Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Certification Reviews

One of the quickest routes to gaining new clients or players is through PPC. However, search engines enforce strict policies on advertising and place restrictions on eligible countries.

Google Certification for Gambling PPC Adwords logoDavid works with operators, platform providers and affiliates to evaluate which countries they can execute paid advertising campaigns based on their licensing jurisdictions.

He researches the advertising regulation for each country and advises if a certificate is required. In the event that certification is necessary, he will review the application for each country before the submission is made.

Independent Marketing Audits

When disputes occur between clients and suppliers in relation to the quality and standards of marketing campaigns, David will act as an independent arbitrator.

He will review the contract agreement between both parties and evaluate the quality of work performed in accordance with industry standards. This will result in a report which clearly indentifies what adheres to the level of a competent professional and those which fail to meet the agreed statement of works.

He will liaise with both parties in an attempt to find a resolution to the dispute, or can provide further evidence to aid any resulting legal lawsuits.

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