Google Penalty Recovery Services

So you have suffered a Google penalty (aka Google algorithm update or Google manual action).

You have noticed that your visitor numbers have decreased over a short period of time - most likely due to an algorithmic update, or worse, they have fallen off a cliff-edge as a result of a manual action.

More worryingly, your new business leads and sales have nose-dived too!

Google Penalty Traffic Decline

You are starting to panic, as you wonder how you are going to turn this around to win back your customers and sales.

Don’t worry. I will help you.

In every Google case that I have taken on, I have fully recovered my clients from Google penalties achieving a 100% success rate.

Time Is Of The Essence

Every day that you are in the penalty, is a day that you are not making as much money as you should.


Google Manual Penalty Example

In this case, the website was recovered from a full manual penalty in 2.5 weeks. The penalty was so severe that the website did not appear on Google search results for their own brand term. Once the website was recovered, they continued to attract more visitors (see below).


Recovering from Google Manual in weeks

Google Penguin Recovery Example

In this example, the website owner tried to recover this penalty in-house self-taught from the internet. Unfortunately, their efforts were somewhat trial and error, with unsatisfactory clean-up attempts made prior to each Penguin update.

It wasn't until around 3.5 years later that they decided to employ outside help and with the deployment of Penguin 4.0 in October 2016, the site recovered a fraction of the peak traffic from previous years.

However, by this time the damage had been done - with lost revenue and opportunities. The company had also lost momentum trying to recover the penalty themselves.

Google Penalty Recovery Service


Are You Losing Traffic?

Send me your details in the form below and I will personally assess your website to determine if your loss of traffic is as a result of a penalty and if so, look at removing the penalty as quickly as possible.

Google Penalty Removal Service Approach

The key to a quick Google recovery is by using my tried and tested systematic process. This has been proven and refined across the 100’s of sites that I have analysed.

The key points to success:

  1. You are totally honest and transparent whether it is good or bad. Please don’t hide anything from me so that I can help you recover from the penalty quicker
  1. You provide me with access to Google Analytics, Google Search Console, keyword ranking reports, SEO reports - basically anything that your in-house marketing team or digital agency have produced
  1. As soon as I am alerted to the penalty, I will commence running my processes to determine what type of Google penalty you have incurred
  1. I will review all the data from Google Analytics and the material that you provide in point 2 to confirm the penalty
  1. I will devise the correct strategy to remove the penalty from your website
  1. We will work as quickly as possible together to implement the actions required to reverse the penalty
  1. I will monitor your website closely to confirm that the penalty has been removed

By following these 7 steps, together we will return your website to full health and recover your visitors and sales.

Trusted By Legal Professionals

I understand that in these times when your company is suffering from the loss of traffic and sales, you need some reassurance that I am the right person for the job.

Firstly, I do all the work myself. I don’t subcontract to anyone else. Your fee secures 20+ years of my experience in marketing and my specialty in SEO related matters.

If you connect with me on LinkedIn at (please note in the invite that you found me via this page) I will share all my connections with you for FREE and you can view the solicitors, law firm partners and QC’s whom I liaise with.

Why will I do this?

When I am contracted to defend clients in Google Penalty cases, their legal team also trust my expertise to help them win the case.

I hope this builds your trust in me too.

The Value Of Experience

You are losing visitors, customers and sales. You are losing £10,000’s, £100,000’s or £millions each week that you are in the penalty.

When you engage my services, we will agree a fee to devise the correct strategy for your recovery.

Since Google penalty recovery is a specialist area and is not a commodity service, I offer to each of my clients a bespoke specialist service.

Please Share

Some website owners are not aware of Google penalties, so please share to help raise awareness.

FSB Members

David Reid - FSB Member and Google penalty specialistAs a member of the Federation of Small Businesses, I want to support my fellow members when their website has been penalised by Google.

I appreciate that receiving a Google penalty at any stage of your business journey is difficult and can be the difference between success and failure.

Therefore, for existing FSB members I will offer a 15% discount to my Google penalty recovery service fees.

Please let me know that you are a FSB member when we first make contact, so that I can apply the discount for you.

“If you want to know the ins and outs of Google, then you need to speak to David. He astounded me with his knowledge on Google Penalties and gave me a master-class on the areas companies need to steer clear of to avoid dropping down the search rankings. 

David has presented at events organised by the FSB on topics such as digital marketing, Google penalties and how marketing will evolve in the future... He is passionate about helping people...”

Gerry Brennan, Adviser at FSB


Additional Google Penalty Recovery Information

Google Panda Recovery Services

Google Panda penalties are algorithmic updates. Historically, Google Panda updates were launched at the discretion of Google, often months apart.

This meant that once your site had been hit by a Panda penalty, and even though you may have performed any necessarily remedial work to alleviate the penalty, you remained affected until the next update.

Google Panda is now part of Google’s core algorithm and occurs in real-time. This has good and bad connotations.

Bad: it effectively means that you can be demoted down the rankings any day of the week.

Good: once corrective work has been completed, you can recover from the penalty much quicker.

Whilst Google Panda was predominately about the “Quality” of your website content, technical issues on your website can influence this too. This is an area that many SEO’s do not check and I have witnessed sites suffer as a result.

Unfortunately in many cases, the penalties have been applied because website owners are blissfully unaware of Google’s webmaster guidelines and they have accidently fallen foul of them.


How to check if your website has been penalised by Google

When I have established that a Google Panda penalty has been applied, these are the Top 15 elements that I will review as part of the process to create a recovery strategy:

  1. Quantity of content which may have been scraped from or originated on another website
  2. Proportion of thin pages versus quality pages on the website
  3. Look for auto-generated content
  4. Investigate improper configuration, or lack of, 301 redirects for domains and URL structure
  5. Investigate misconfigured canonical tags
  6. Research areas such as category pages, blog summaries and news summaries for duplication
  7. Find areas which have been over-optimised
  8. Interrogate Google Search Console for HTML improvements and/or other structural issues
  9. Review the ratio of text to advertisement banner ads and resulting end user value
  10. Check for indexing and spider crawling issues
  11. Research Google Analytics to determine which pages are attracting traffic from Google
  12. Check that search queries match the served page for relevancy
  13. Determine which content/pages can be enhanced to improve quality
  14. Discover new opportunities to include unique high quality evergreen content
  15. Look at the quality of user generated content and user comments


Ultimately, our end goal is for your website to consist only of unique high quality content which your potential clients can easily view and cannot find on any other website.

And of course, to have the penalty removed.

For additional information, I have produced articles on the history of Google Panda which you can read here and Google Panda 2.0 here which I encourage you to read after you have contacted me.

Contact David Reid

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