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The first time someone generally searches for a “Google penalty removal consultant” in the UK or elsewhere around the world, is when they have noticed a substantial drop in their website traffic.

This normally coincides with a manual action notification in Google Search Console. The most common Google penalty (manual action) is “Unnatural links to your site”.

Image of a Google manual action penalty for unnatural links to your site

If your website has been affected by an algorithmic penalty or manual action, then you will certainly want to treat this seriously.

Every day that your website is losing traffic will undoubtedly mean that you are losing new leads and sales (i.e. money).

100% Success System

I have been offering my Google penalty recovery services to clients since 2011. 

Over the years, I have developed a process which helps website owners remove and recover from penalties quickly. To date, this has achieved a 100% success rate.

flow diagram of David Reid's consultant recovery process

I am so confident in my system that I don’t ask for the final payment until the penalty has been revoked.

This provides you with some security, as it means that I do not stop working until the penalty is removed from your website.

Multiple Link Sources For Better Accuracy

Some Google penalty recovery consultants use one or two link sources to gather a list of backlinks for review. I use at least five different link sources to produce more accurate results.

This allows me to gather most, if not all, of links pointing to your website. I then use one of the leading data analysis software packages (KNIME) to analyse these links quicker.

Image of KNIME backlink process flow

Manual Link Reviews

Every backlink which fails my tests, or appears suspect, is manually reviewed by me. I fully document my findings in a spreadsheet which is then shared with Google for them to review.

When you ask me to help, my advice doesn’t stop when your penalty is revoked. In most cases, I offer additional SEO advice to clients to help transform their website traffic and sales after recovery.

Link Removal Outreach

Without doubt, this is the most time-consuming part of removing a Google link penalty, whether it be a manual action or penguin algorithmic penalty.

That is why when most website owners try to do “outreach” themselves, they either skip it altogether or do not do it properly (and don’t record any evidence to provide to Google).

Google want you to prove that you have made considerable effort to remove any offending backlinks – they even state this in their official guidelines here “Document the outcome of your efforts”.

When you work with me, I personally take care of the link outreach process. This saves you time and ensures that it is conducted in a professional manner.

Uploading The Disavow File

When clients give up trying to remove a Google penalty themselves and ask me to do it for them, I get to see what they have attempted to do.

This is where I see most website owners go wrong. They treat the disavow file as a “get out of jail card” - listing every website with a suspect backlink in the file without properly researching the sites.

Google can spot this too. They clearly state “Simply disavowing them isn’t enough” and that is why it fails most of the time.

Screenshot of Google disavow file upload

Adding domains to a disavow file should only be used as a last resort. If you want your penalty to be removed quickly, then please contact me to deal with it for you.

Submitting The Reconsideration Request

Inexperienced website owners are not often aware that Google requires the reconsideration request to be in the correct format and for it to contain certain key information.

This can result in the reconsideration request failing before anyone in the web spam team actually looks at the clean-up actions that have been performed.

Whatever you do, don’t waste all your hard work by failing at this stage. Ask a Google penalty expert to draft, and then submit the reconsideration request for you.

Reconsideration Request Warning

If you have tried to remove a Google penalty yourself and have submitted a reconsideration request which has been rejected by Google – please do not submit another request before you speak to a penalty expert.

Screenshot of rejected reconsideration request

It is suspected that every time that you submit a reconsideration request without performing a proper “clean-up” exercise, Google will look unfavourably on this and delay the time the webspam team takes to review your next request.

They may also look for you to supply more evidence that you performed a thorough clean-up this time. This only delays the time it takes to recover from the penalty.

You must also check that your website complies with the Google Webmaster Guidelines here. I’ve witnessed websites recover from unnatural link penalties, only to suffer another “quality” related penalty soon afterwards.

Don’t worry. Removing a Google penalty is possible if you take advice from a Google penalty expert at the early stages.

Other Google Penalties

Whilst dealing with requests to remove “Unnatural links to your site” penalties is the most popular penalty service that I offer, I also deal with other Google manual actions and algorithmic penalties:

Manual Action Penalties

  • User-generated spam
  • Unnatural links from your site
  • Pure spam
  • Spammy free host
  • Thin content with little or no added value
  • Cloaked images
  • Sneaky mobile redirects
  • AMP content mismatch
  • Cloaking and/or sneaky redirects
  • Structured data issue
  • Hidden text and/or keyword stuffing
  • Hacked site

Algorithmic Google Penalties

  • Google Panda penalty
  • Google Penguin penalty

If you think that you have suffered from one of these penalties, please contact me to discuss how I can help you to recover.

Google Penalty Removal Cost

Every website suffering from a Google penalty is different. This means the cost of hiring a Google penalty consultant such as myself, varies depending on the nature of the penalty and the severity.

Some recovery projects take as little as a few weeks, with other bigger projects spanning into several months.

As a guide, recent projects started at £3,500 for a full audit and to successfully revoke the Google penalty.

“If you want to know the ins and outs of Google, then you need to speak to David. He astounded me with his knowledge on Google Penalties and gave me a masterclass on the areas companies need to steer clear of to avoid dropping down the search rankings. 

David has presented at events organised by the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) on topics such as SEO and Google penalties... He is passionate about helping people...”

Gerry Brennan, Adviser at FSB


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