Marketing Expert Witness

Marketing Expert Witness  David ReidDavid is an expert in the field of digital marketing. Since 1995 he has been delivering multi-channel marketing campaigns across 32 countries for global clients.

As a board director of companies spanning IT, network security, data and digital marketing, he has a holistic view of marketing and the World Wide Web.

He is an active practitioner in all areas of marketing, including: Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Pay-per-click (PPC), Website development, Web analytics, Mobile technologies, Email marketing, Affiliate marketing, Social media, Domain names and contract negotiations.

Given the ever evolving nature of digital marketing, David believes it is imperative to secure an expert who remains compliant within the current guidelines and standards.

David will act as an independent or joint party expert and will accept instructions from UK legal firms and from other English speaking countries, and will comply with the respective country law.

Case Knowledge

David has the knowledge of the standard expected of independent expert and quantum reports. Furthermore, he understands the principles and arguments of causation. In previous cases, he has:

  • Gathered evidence and provided this to legal teams
  • Participated in case meetings between the defender/purser and legal team
  • Provided evidence to independent expert accountancy firms to challenge Quantum received from the purser
  • Collated and reviewed evidence with Counsel
  • Interviewed independent expert witnesses and considered causation
  • Reviewed and responded to expert reports from defender/purser
  • Participated in joint party meetings as ordained by interlocutor
David has been involved in cases spanning periods of 1-2 years and is comfortable accepting instructions which span longer periods of time.

Website Professional Standards

Over the past 20 years David has been involved in the specification, design, build, hosting and quality assurance of over 200 websites for companies across the world. He collaborates with solicitors to produce the standard terms and conditions and statement of work documents which accompany client contracts.

As a result, he is suitably qualified to assess and provide expert knowledge on matters relating to websites.

PPC Professional Standards

Since 2002 David has recruited, trained and led a team of digital marketing experts who perform SEO, PPC, email, social and affiliate campaigns on behalf of clients. More recently, he led a team of 20 experts within an agency and through accreditation, achieved Google Premier Partner status.

At key times, PPC campaigns were executed across 32 different countries on behalf of clients. PPC billings under management were in excess of £1million. He therefore, has knowledge of the standards expected of a PPC practitioner.

SEO Professional Standards

David has a particular interest in the execution of SEO campaigns and any resulting Google (and Bing) penalties. He has been involved first-hand in the recovery of multiple Google penalties including Panda, Penguin and Manual actions.

In addition, he has witnessed and resolved negative SEO attacks on websites and is able to report on the underlining cause.  He can indentify website technical SEO issues and determine which party is at fault when search engine rankings have declined.

Marketing Industry Speaker

David has been invited to share his knowledge of the internet, digital marketing and in particular, compliance with Google.

He has been a guest speaker at many conference events for organisations such as:

  • Scottish Enterprise
  • STEP Scotland
  • Glasgow City Marketing Bureau
  • Federation of Small Businesses (FSB)

Professional Indemnity Insurance

David appreciates the seriousness of accepting an instruction from the court to act as an expert witness and that immunity offered by courts is not absolute and therefore he is covered by a leading insurance provider to cover forensic and non-forensic contracts.

Contact David Reid

To speak with David personally in relation to a case you have, please call 07710 482267.

You can also email him on to receive a PDF with additional services he has previously undertaken.